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A series of gruesome murders provoke CID to form a Major Enquiry Team, led by DCI Fancourt. The killer teases the police by leaving clues, inserted in the throat and etched on the foreheads of the victims. During the manhunt, a host of suspects are pursued, including a vagrant, a homosexual playboy, and an ex-teacher. DS Matt Webber’s unsavoury gambling habits prompt him to conspire with the father of one of the victims. New recruit, DC Paula Tompkins joins the team and is introduced to the horrors of the investigation. This haunting story uncovers a paedophile ring; but are they somehow involved with the macabre murders? What is the harrowing connection between ex-teachers, David Lawrence and Edward Gorman. What past secret does eccentric suspect, Marcus Cummings conceal from his homosexual partner? Nurtured Evil takes you on a frightening and mind boggling journey through the streets of London. Not until the final pages will you discover the identity of the killer.





 Evil is as evil does and Nurtured Evil rocks

By "Sooz 006"

Fast and pacey. This one gets to the action without any long pre-amble. A facinating romp round london with a killing on every corner and a serial killer to find. Some lovely characters my favourite is Marcus the mincer. He's a bad lad but you can't help but have a soft spot for him. I read a review on another authors work that said "Like King when he was raw and hungry for acclaim" I'd like to pass that compliment on to Mr. Hulse. This book is well worth a read, and I think there's more to come from Tony Hulse

 Evil it certainly is!!

By Jon Wright

A really creepy tale set in london ,well wrote, plenty of twists and turns in this first novel published by mr hulse,kept me on the edge of my chair and to be honest i couldn't put it down,chapter after chapter,different characters emerging,all of whom the author presented to you in detail,it was as if you could relate to them and best of all kept me panging for more right up until the last page.A really good read.


This book is certainly no lemon!

By A customer.

What can I say apart from brilliant!
The story and characters (some very colourful indeed) are well thought out and the attention to places and settings is descriptive without been overindulgent.
I found the plot worked well with enough of a subplot thrown in to keep you guessing to the very end.
A very chilling tale from a very gifted writer...





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